Web servers protect yourself from spam

How To Protect Yourself From Spam

Web hosting servers how to protect yourself from spamHow To Protect Yourself From Spam ...In today's E-society we need to conduct business and exchange information simply, and be sociable without causing us or our PC's time consuming problems due to viruses and spam.

So how do you protect yourself and others from spam?

Our web hosting mail servers have installed on them web server software to remove majority of spam and viruses however some may bypass. The following information is written to offer advice on how best to protect yourself from spam.

Reliable UK Web Hosting Services Limit the amount of non-essential emails you send, particularly mass forward stories or jokes.

Web Hosting Servers UK Ensure your anti-virus software is up to date, as well as installing and running anti-spyware.

Web Hosting Servers How To Protect Yourself From Spam Never click on the REMOVE link in an email to remove your email address from the senders mail server database unless you can verify the sender, as this will validate your email address and be sold to more spammers.

Report Spam Report spam by sending the message plus the full header to or

Reliable Web Hosting Servers Use unusual email addresses containing numbers and letters i.e. to avoid spammers who use computer programs to guess email addresses.

UK Web Hosting Services Provider If you have a website, provide a form for people to contact you and ensure that the "send to" email address is not contained in the HTML, but in the form processing script.

Web Hosting Anti-Spam Software on Web Servers Avoid anti-spam software that bounces spam emails, as the bounce message will go to an innocent person, possibly turning you into a spammer.