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Reset your Wordpress password with phpMyAdmin

1) Log into your cPanel.   (replace with your domain name).

2) Click the phpMyAdmin icon from the Databases Section

3) Click the + sign next to the database used for your Wordpress install.  This will be called something like username_wpxxx.  username is the username for your cPanel hosting account.

4) On the left hand side click wp_users, then click the Edit for the admin/user you wish to update the password for as shown in the picture.

5) On the user pass line change the function dropdown to be MD5

6) Remove anything in the user_pass line under value (it's the MD5 version of the previous password).  Type in your secure password and click Go.

You should now be able to log into your wordpress using the password you just created.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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