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How do I upload my site in Filezilla?

Current version at time of writing:

If you do not have filezilla already, it is free to download from the following link:

1) Load Filezilla, then fill in the 'quick connect' information as shown in the image to the left. Please use your domain name in the 'host' field and your hosting account username and passwords in there respective fields.

2) Tick always trust certificate in future, then click Ok

3) Once connected, change to the public_html folder. Double click the folder to change to it.

4) In the left hand window (labeled A in the left hand picture) browse to where you have the files you wish to upload saved. In the left hand picture B shows what the right hand window should look like this after completing step 2.

Once you have browsed to your files you wish to upload in the left hand window you can now right click and select upload, or drag them from the left window to the right window to upload them. You can upload an entire folder at a time.

Please note your main/home page must be called index (either .html, .htm or .php) for it to be displayed by default

5) Once you have finished uploading your files/folders they will show in the right window just like our index.html file we have uploaded shown in the image to the left.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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