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How do I edit my site in Expression Web?

Current (final) version at time of writing: 4.0

If you do not have expression web already, it is free to download from the following link

Please note: "Expression Web is now available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center, and no new versions will be developed"   11/11/2013

1) Once you have opened Expression Web, from the top menu select Site -> Open Site. In the location bar enter (replace with your actual domain name).

Click Open.

2) Enter your hosting account username and password into the. If you are using a public computer make sure save password is not ticked.

3) To edit the files currently on your site live, click edit live site now, then click Ok. Please note while I find this easier and faster to make changes to a website, once you click save the changes are live on your site

4) In the right hand side you should see a folder list, click the + symbol next to it and/or double click the public_html folder. You should now see all of your files/folders in your public_html folder which are visible on the internet.

5) Double click the file you wish to edit and start making your changes, once you have finished making your changes click file -> save. Your changes should now be live on your website.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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